Futureproof your Business

Greater transparency and control over transformation projects. Business oriented architecture that evolves in intelligence as your business grows.

Why wait for your competitors to get the edge when it comes to innovation and transfomation?

The prime objective of Arcibus Business Architecture is to Prepare the Targeted Business Area for Future Transformational Change such as Industry Structural Reforms changes in Global; and Regional MarketsMajor Regulations and Associated Compliance Changes, a greater need for Rapid Response to Industry Market DemandsMergers & AcquisitionsBPO (business process outsourcing), and others

A key purpose of this New Business Driven Architecture is to provide the means for communicating and controlling the strategic and operational intentions of the business in a way that is easy to understand for everyone in the organization.

The Business Transformation Design Program material takes participants from firstly establishing the strategic directions of the required change, through to the development of target state business architecture for each required Business Transformation Program.

For managers

Increasing complexity and a constant need for innovation have led to international demand for greater business-oriented control over transformation projects. Even today, major transformation projects, including technology-based initiatives, are failing to deliver despite significant investment.
Arcibus Business Architecture has evolved in response to this demand. In the beginning, it will map out and give you clarity over your business like never before. In the middle, it will allow you to carry out transformation projects and innovation more effectively than ever before.
In the long run, the system evolves, becoming more intelligent and in tune with your business needs. Why start every transformation project from scratch when each new project is already loaded with critical information and learnings from the past?

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for business architects

I have an extraordinary amount of experience in undertaking transformations for large organisations. Out of this experience, I developed the Arcibus Business Transformation System. I have taught this to hundreds of architects over the years. This course is now available for you to learn and study as a sole architecture or to enhance your current methodology. I offer you my years of experience and enhanced listening and communication skills to support you every step of the way.

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Develop rapid responsive technologies to edge out your competition

Arcibus business architecture is not just a static system that needs to be implemented at the beginning of each new transformation project. The dynamic nature of the system means that the more it is used, the more intelligent it becomes. So your ability to innovate and transform becomes more and more effortless.

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Arcibus Business Architecture

Feature one

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Feature Five

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Feature two

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Feature Six

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About me

I am a highly experienced and dynamic Business Transformation Consultant and Educator. BLAH BLAH BLAH

 I am the
Founder of the Arcibus Business Architecture Framework and Author of the popular e-book ‘Business Architecture Made Easy’.
As a former UK General Manager with over twenty year’s post MBA Business Transformation
experience, I have turned around and commercialised several large UK public sector
contracting businesses.
I have assisted over 70 Tier 1
companies and government departments in the design and delivery of Digital and BPO
related Business Transformations.

Bernard mentored and developed in-house teams in the area of Business Transformation,
using the Arcibus Business Architecture Framework.

I have conducted extensive reasarch into the
effectiveness of Business Architecture in Business Transformation including publishing related academic papers 

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Why wait for your competitors to streamline their transformation processes?

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